3 drastic changes of TWICE Jeongyeon’s appearance in 2021: Worrying fans for losing 8kg for promotions

Due to unstable health conditions, Jeongyeon repeatedly had to halt her activities with the girl group TWICE in 2021.

TWICE is famous as an extremely hardworking K-Pop group since their debut until now.  After 6 years of working in the industry, despite the members’ health being inevitably affected by their busy schedules, TWICE still maintains a 9-member lineup. However, since late 2020 and in 2021, Jeongyeon has unfortunately had to be absent from TWICE’s activities many times due to health reasons.

TWICE Jeongyeon
TWICE promoted without Jeongyeon many times 

Not only is she often absent, but every time Jeongyeon returns to the lineup, netizens are also surprised by her rapid change in appearance. In 2021, she had at least 3 noticeable changes in her look.

Surprising weight gain after a long hiatus 

At the 2021 Seoul Music Awards back in February, Jeongyeon appeared with other TWICE members, marking her comeback after a long hiatus due to health reasons. Besides being glad to see the female idol again, fans were astounded to see that she had put on some weight.

TWICE Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon’s apparent weight gain at Seoul Music Awards 2021

Although she was somewhat chubby after a long break, Jeongyeon still looked absolutely pretty and adorable when standing next to other members. Knowing the reason why she gained weight so quickly, fans felt even more empathetic towards the female idol. The female idol had to suspend her activities because of a herniated disc in her neck and psychological anxiety. Therefore, her weight gain is a side effect of the medications. 

TWICE Jeongyeon
Looking a bit chubby compared to other TWICE members but Jeongyeon was still pretty
jeongyeon twice 19102021 4

After her comeback, Jeongyeon continued to be active with TWICE. She caught the attention of netizens with her rounded look at the online Japanese concert TWICE In Wonderland. Fans have always jumped to Jeongyeon’s defense and protected her from criticism and malicious comments on her appearance. As long as she can stay healthy and continue to be a part of TWICE, fans ask for nothing more.

TWICE Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon’s visible weight gain at the concert
Jeong Yeon (Twice) caused controversy
The difference in appearance was noticeable when she stood next to Momo 

Losing 8 kg in a short time to promote TWICE’s Alcohol-Free


Although fans have always been supportive, due to the great pressure from the public, to prepare for TWICE’s comeback with Alcohol-Free back in June, Jeongyeon had to lose 8 kg in a short time. Her rapid change in appearance once again garnered the attention of the online community.

Alcohol-Free MV – TWICE
TWICE Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon’s pretty, skinny appearance on stage

However, to lose 8 kg within a short period of time is not an easy thing. Especially when Jeongyeon had not completely recovered yet, she was still in the process of treatment at the time. On the promotion stages for Alcohol-Free, fans noticed the female idol’s tired expressions many times. Fans felt extremely sorry and worried about her health.

jeongyeon twice 19102021 1 1
Jeongyeon’s tired expression as if she was holding back her pain caused fans to feel upset 
Jeongyeon’s Alcohol-Free Fancam at Inkigayo

Halting her activities again for recovery, recent return with a chubby appearance

Earlier in August, Jeongyeon was once again announced to temporarily cease her future activities with TWICE to focus on rest and recovery. Although she recently participated in filming a few scenes in TWICE’s new MV, the JYP girl group was mostly active with an 8-member lineup to promote their 1st full English single “The Feels”.

TWICE Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon appeared in The Feels MV but did not take part in the choreography or attend promotions 
TWICE’s The Feels stage at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with an 8-member lineup 

Most recently, the latest photos of Jeongyeon have once again surprised netizens. The female idol looks quite different from her weight gain at the beginning of the year. Many netizens claimed they couldn’t even recognize her at a glance. However, the reason for this drastic change of their idol has caused netizens to feel extremely sorry for the TWICE’s member. Her medications have inevitably led to side effects such as water retention and hormonal imbalances in the body and thereby caused such a change in appearance.

TWICE Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon’s weight gain is noticeable in her recent photos 
Jeongyeon’s current appearance has clearly changed compared to before

Regardless of her appearance, Jeongyeon is always adored and supported by TWICE’s fans. Hopefully, Jeongyeon will get well soon, and continue to join TWICE members in the future activities. 

TWICE Jeongyeon
Hopefully Jeongyeon will recover soon and come back to TWICE and fans
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