BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook praised for the way they treat their Doberman

Since BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook are both Doberman owners, netizens have noticed a special detail as it can show how nice they treat their pets.

Kpop idols being pet owners is not something new, but depending on the popularity of the idols, their pets will also become famous. Currently, the most well-known Kpop idols are definitely BTS and BLACKPINK. Therefore, the adorable dogs and cats raised and taken care of by members of the 2 groups often garner the attention of Korean netizens.

Recently, netizens have made an interesting discovery about the 2 maknaes of BTS and BLACKPINK when Jungkook and Lisa both chose to raise Dobermans. However, besides enjoying the lovely moments of the idols with their dogs, many Korean netizens also pay attention to how they treat the pets.

The story of Dobermans becoming a trending topic among fans is thanks to the debut of Jeon Bam, Jungkook‘s new Doberman puppy who was introduced in the first episode of the show ‘BTS In The SOOP’ season 2. Accordingly, Jungkook brought Bam with him on BTS’s vacation to film the reality show. Bam will accompany the members until the show ends.

After watching episode 1, netizens have been excited because it feels like Jungkook was filming his own vlog about his puppy. The male idol played and talked with Bam cutely, potty trained and taught Bam to sleep in the right place, brushed Bam’s teeth, went for a walk with Bam, and even panicked like every other pet owner when he saw Bam weeing in the middle of the house,…

Jungkook and Lisa's dobermans
BTS’s Jungkook next to his dog Bam

The heartwarming moments between Jungkook and Bam have quickly gained much attention. Dobermans often bring a sense of ferocity and are stereotyped as being aggressive. They were originally bred to become guard dogs and perform duties. However, watching Bam’s interactions with Jungkook, many netizens realize Dobermans are actually sweet and affectionate dogs when they are being around their owners.

Some moments between Jungkook and Bam in the 1st episode of ‘In The SOOP 2’ 

Netizens even noticed how sweet and caring Jungkook is to Bam by looking at Bam’s ears and tail. Accordingly, Doberman dogs are often known for their cropped ears and clipped tails – but this is not their natural appearance when they were born. Doberman owners often make their dogs undergo ear and tail surgery for two reasons: One is to match their intimidating and tough appearance, the other is because they are worried that Dobermans’ ears not standing upright or their tails being too long will lead to some health problems (otitis, torn ear, scratched tail, etc.)

Jungkook and Lisa's dobermans
A Doberman with cropped ears after surgery (left) and a Doberman with natural ears (right)
Jungkook and Lisa's dobermans
Clipping Dobermans’ tails is also something that many owners of this dog breed do 

However, tail docking and ear cropping are now considered optional and depend on the owner’s preference. Additionally, this is also a painful process for animals and can sometimes be traumatic for Dobermans, especially if the surgery is not handled by a qualified veterinarian. Many animal rights activists around the world have condemned actions that deform pets, which has caused the actions of clipping their ears to be formally banned in many places such as England and Wales.

Thus, many netizens and BTS’s fans find it touching that Jungkook’s Doberman – Bam appears with natural ears and tail, without being cropped. In fact, health problems can be completely controlled with regular visits to the vet, and wanting to cut off Dobermans’ ears or docking their tails only for aesthetic reasons to make them look more fierce, is objectionable.

Jungkook and Lisa's dobermans
Jungkook’s dog still has natural ears and tail

Jungkook isn’t the only K-Pop idol to have recently introduced his Doberman to the public. Previously, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also adopted a Doberman named Love – a new member of the female idol’s ‘L family’ which originally only consisted of cats.

Jungkook and Lisa's dobermans
Lisa’s Doberman Love still has the original drooping ears

In many photos and videos, it can be seen that Lisa has decided to keep Love’s original Doberman’s drooping ears. However, unlike Jungkook’s dog, Lisa’s dog was surgically docked – supposedly to prevent later on injury or damage to the dog’s tail.

Jungkook and Lisa's dobermans


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