“My Palace fever” Lee Jun-ho, the symbol of climbing back up the chart

Singer/actor Lee Jun-ho (31) is drawing keen attention as he has recently emerged as a “symbol of climbing back up the chart” and the main character of a drama’s surprising success. 

During his hiatus to do his military service, Lee Jun-ho earned the nickname “My House Junho” as the 2PM song “My House,” which was released in 2015, succeeded in climbing up the charts for the first time in five years after a fancam video went viral. Thanks to this, he was offered a return work quite early. Lee Jun-ho was chosen for the role Lee San of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve“. The preparation process for his first historical drama since debut was captured through the entertainment program “I Live Alone.” From harsh self-management and chopstick practice to natural daily acting, Lee Jun-ho’s sincerity has moved the viewers’ hearts. 

My Palace Lee Jun-ho

Lee Jun-ho’s stable tone that fits perfectly with historical drama as well as his appearance which synchronized him with the character Lee San, increased the acting quality of “The Red Sleeve”. The popularity of the drama has been proven through figures. According to Good Data Corporation, a TV topic analysis agency, “The Red Sleeve” has topped the chart for the seventh consecutive week. Its ratings hit a new high every week, hitting 14.3% (based on Nielsen Korea’s national standard) in the 15th episode aired on Dec 25th. Lee Jun-ho, who was recognized for his work’s success and acting skills, won the “Top Excellence Award” and the “Best Couple Award” at the 2021 MBC Acting Awards held on Dec 30th. 

My Palace Lee Jun-ho

Among them, many who are in awe by Lee Jun-ho’s acting have flooded in to check out Lee Jun-ho’s charm again. Replay of his previous work is popular on OTT services. JTBC drama “Rain or Shine” (2018), starring Lee Jun-ho, ranked 9th in Netflix’s Top 10 Content Today on Dec 17th. Among the currently airing dramas, his works from 3 years ago also re-emerged, drawing attention. Along with this, the dramas “Good Manager,” “Wok of Love,” “Confession,” and “Memory” are also seeing the effect of Lee Jun-ho’s, climbing back onto the charts. 

My Palace Lee Jun-ho

Love calls are pouring out for Lee Jun-ho. He is proposed with casting calls regardless of drama or movie, and the advertising industry is also ranking him at the top of its advertising model list. An advertising official said, “We are currently recruiting advertisement models for next year, so I think we will be able to meet Lee Jun-ho in TV advertisements by February next year. 2PM itself is a group that can encompass people in their 40s. Not only are they trendy, but they also enable advertising in a wide range of fields, and in the case of Lee Jun-ho, he has a sense of trust that can even handle the financial field thanks to his performance in “The Red Sleeve.”

My Palace Lee Jun-ho


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