The Busan restaurant that Song Joong-ki X Youn Yuh-jung fell in love with… Jung Woo “I visit it 3~4 times a week”

Jung Woo introduced his favorite restaurant in Busan.

On the March 25th broadcast of TV Chosun’s “Huh Young-man’s Food Travel“, Jung Woo visited a famous restaurant in his hometown of Busan with Huh Young-man.

On the way to the next restaurant, Jung Woo introduced a grilled beef tripe restaurant, “It’s the restaurant that many actors visit during the international film festival. My favorite restaurant that will brighten up Haeundae.”

Jung Woo explained, “The Busan International Film Festival is a film festival that attracts worldwide attention. Most actors in Korea enjoy themselves here. Self-employed people are also at their peak during the film festival. I always eat in that corner when I come here. There is a lot of delicious food here.”

Huh Young-man asked, “Since you were born and grew up here, maybe you use Busan dialect a lot.” Hearing this, Jung Woo drew laughter by showing swear words and replied, “I often use Busan dialect.” He added, “Busan dialect has a natural accent. Don’t overdo it.”

Jung Woo made everyone laugh as he said, “I met Youn Yuh-jung here. The restaurant owner told me, ‘Isn’t it Youn Yuh-jung over there?'”

Huh Young-man said, “Teukyang (t/n: the thickest part of a cow’s first stomach) has a superior texture when chewing than others. The meat at this restaurant is slashed and seasoned, so it tastes more delicious.” Jung Woo praised the light taste by saying, “When I tried it, it was not sticky. If I eat a lot, I may feel sick, but I’ve never felt that way at this restaurant.” Huh Young-man added, “It’s the same beef tripe anyway, but perhaps the seasoning makes it different?”

Huh Young-man said, “My stomach is full” after seeing the grilled beef tripe. Giving it a taste, he showed a nod of recognition. He said, “The beef tripe is delicious. Usually, I don’t enjoy it very much because it is quite greasy (but it tastes different here).” Jung Woo agreed, “It does not have a heavy and oily taste.”

Huh Young-man admired, “I understand why Jung Woo lived here when he was filming his movie.” He explained, “You can taste it twice. It’s chewy on the outside, and you can feel more taste as the filling inside comes out.”

Jung Woo said, “Everything here is delicious. The seasoning base itself suits my taste bud well. The onion sauce on top of the beef blanket tripe makes me unable to stop eating.”

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