2021 Kpop’s queen of beauty: BLACKPINK dominates the chart, Jisoo deserves the title of “Miss Korea”

More than 2 million K-Pop fans voted to choose the most beautiful female idols and BLACKPINK has overwhelmed other female idols.

King Choice is a website specializing in organizing polls related to Korean showbiz that attracts the attention of millions of people.  The survey that found “K-Pop Beauty Queen” was closed on March 31 after a month of voting.  Nearly 2.1 million K-Pop fans enthusiastically voted for the most beautiful female artist.

NJisoo topped the poll with more than 900,000 votes, accounting for 42% of the total votes, proving that in the eyes of K-Pop fans, Jisoo is really beautiful.  Jisoo absolutely deserves the title “Miss Korea”.

Tzuyu, Mina (TWICE), or Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Since international fans also participated in the poll, it is not difficult to understand when Lisa received nearly 500,000 votes and firmly took second place.  Lisa attracts attention with her beautiful eyes and radiant smile.

blackpink lisa bornpink concert

Nancy (Momoland) has received many criticisms for her uncontrolled weight gain, but recently, she has successfully lost weight and is becoming more and more beautiful.  Nancy’s fashion sense is also more trendy.  As a result, the female idol also ranks high in this poll.

protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Tzuyu (TWICE) has always been highly appreciated by netizens for her beauty.  Although she does not possess the typical standard features such as a V-line face, high nose, white skin, Tzuyu still receives many compliments thanks to her well-balanced lines and attractive beauty.  Some people even think that Tzuyu in real life is even prettier than in photos.

Ranked 5th in this chart is Rosé.  From a girl with an unremarkable appearance, Rosé has taken care of herself so that now everyone recognizes that Rosé is surprisingly beautiful.  Especially during the recent solo promotions, Rosé was so pretty that everyone wanted to vote for her.

blackpink rose

Surprisingly, Jennie ranked last in the BLACKPINK group when ranked 6th in the poll.  The score gap between Rosé and Jennie is very close, helping BLACKPINK to overwhelm the chart of the most beautiful female idols in 2021.

Source: King Choice

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