Outrage Among NCT Fans as SM Entertainment Faces Backlash Over Handling of Taeil’s Motorcycle Injury

It is believed that SM did not allow Taeil to have proper rest and recovery time after the accident

In a shocking turn of events, fans of the popular K-pop group NCT have expressed their anger and disappointment at SM Entertainment’s handling of member Taeil’s recent motorcycle injury. The controversy has erupted after fans alleged that the entertainment company made Taeil work during his recovery and subsequently attempted to cover up his injuries.

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The ordeal began in early August when SM Entertainment announced that Taeil would be taking a hiatus due to a car accident that occurred while he was riding his motorcycle. The company disclosed that Taeil had suffered a fracture in his right thigh and would require surgery to correct it. This revelation immediately raised questions and concerns among fans.

Adding fuel to the fire, NCT’s Chenle later revealed additional details about the accident that had been omitted from the company’s initial notice. The revelations only intensified fans’ suspicions that the accident might have been preventable, and many pointed fingers at SM Entertainment.

A few days after the accident, Taeil took to social media to update fans on his condition, apologizing for causing them worry and assuring them that his surgery had gone well. Despite expressing regret over missing NCT Nation performances, he appeared optimistic about his recovery.

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“I made it out of the surgery fine. And I’m doing great with treatment, too, so I’m well on my way to full recovery. I’ll get well soon, so don’t worry!” Taeil assured his concerned fans.

However, the latest wave of outrage among fans stems from SM Entertainment’s actions following Taeil’s accident. NCT 127, the subgroup to which Taeil belongs, has been gearing up for a comeback, with teasers and promotional materials featuring the members being released over the past few weeks. While some of these teasers included Taeil, fans suspected that many were shot after his accident, implying that he might have been expected to work during his recovery.

On October 3, KST, SM Entertainment shared the first version of teasers from the upcoming “Fact Check” music video, showcasing individual images of each member. Fans were initially thrilled to see a set of teasers featuring Taeil, but their excitement was short-lived. The company swiftly reuploaded the images, removing a portion of the original photo that appeared to show Taeil’s leg injury.


Fans, meticulously analyzing the photos, pointed out that in the original image, visible healing cuts and yellowing bruises suggested Taeil’s ongoing recovery. The reuploaded version, however, had been cropped to exclude his leg, fueling outrage and accusations of SM Entertainment’s unprofessional behavior.

The lack of an official statement from SM Entertainment regarding the deleted photo has only added to fans’ frustrations and suspicions about the company’s treatment of Taeil during his recovery period.

As the controversy continues to escalate, fans are demanding transparency from SM Entertainment regarding Taeil’s injury and the circumstances surrounding his participation in promotional activities while recovering. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the intense scrutiny and expectations placed on K-pop idols and the importance of their well-being in the eyes of their devoted fans.

Source: koreaboo

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