Red Velvet Yeri’s sincere answer: “There’s nothing you can’t reunite” and “You gotta hurt to know…”

Red Velvet’s Yeri left some ambiguous answers to her fans’ questions.

On May 8th, Yeri did a “Ask Me Anything” section on her Instagram story along with a caption saying “I’m in Hawaii.” Fans left many questions for her, and Yeri drew attention with her honest answers.


When asked, “What do you think about reuniting?” Yeri answered, “Oh… Is this love counsel corner?” and replied, “I think there’s nothing that can’t be reunite.” Yeri didn’t get the attention just with this honest answer, but also on other questions.


When asked, “Is there a way not to be hurt by people?” Yeri replied, “I think one should be hurt to know.” Yeri said, “Isn’t that also a part of the process of growing? It’s one of the lessons I’ve learned,” she said, adding, “This is so ridiculous” to her answer. Fans could feel the warmth from Yeri’s answers as she honestly sympathized with her fans’ concerns and questions.

red velvet yeri

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, which includes Yeri, recently made a comeback with its mini-album “Red Velvet ‘The Reve Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm” on the 21st of last month.

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