The best scene in SNSD Taeyeon’s latest MV accused of copying Jisoo in Kill This Love

Taeyeon (SNSD)'s visual once again exploded when pursuing this concept but was caught in controversy

At exactly 6 pm (KST) February 14, Taeyeon officially returned with the 3rd full album in her career called INVU. The album includes 13 songs expressing 13 emotions in love, of which INVU was chosen as the title song. In addition to the highly praised melody and lyrics, her beauty along with the MV concept this time also wowed netizens.

One of the most praised scenes in the MV is the scene where Taeyeon plays the character Artemis – the goddess of hunting whose symbols are a crescent moon, a laurel and a golden bow.


However, this image of Taeyeon is compared with Jisoo (BLACKPINK) in the MV Kill This Love. Besides, the concept of MV INVU also reminds many people of aespa’s concept:

  • It reminds me of Jisoo’s archery scene in Kill This Love.
  • Looks like Taeyeon has entered the Kwangya world.
  • Jisoo also had a similar scene in Kill This Love
  • Taeyeon looks a lot like a game character.
  • Does anyone think this girl is 34 years old? Crazy pretty!
  • The concept is like aespa’s.
Taeyeon’s beautiful scene is said to be similar to Jisoo’s scene in Kill This Love
Taeyeon seems to have joined Kwangya with aespa
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