Why did EXID Hani burst into tears after seeing something in Jeonghwa’s bag?

Girl group EXID member and actress Hani burst into tears when they saw the memo written on Jeonghwa’s childhood promises.

On the 1st, on GQ KOREA’s official YouTube channel, a video titled “Why is EXID’s Hani crying while digging through a member’s bag? Inside the bag of a 10-year-old girl group that smells like a pharmacy” was released. EXID, who appeared as a whole, gathered together and introduced the belongings in their respective bags.

Jeonghwa showed the members a note containing the writings she had written in the past, saying, “I wrote it while preparing for my debut as a trainee.” Jeonghwa said, “I’ll give one to my sisters because I’m embarrassed to read it myself.”


Everyone read with a smile, but Hani’s eyes were red. Hani said, “Jeonghwa wrote down seven mindset and attitudes that she should have in the future, and here was a heartbreaking sentence,” adding, “It says, “You should not be childish anymore because you have entered society. You are at the age where you should be childish.”

She also said, “There is a letter that Jeonghwa wrote to herself”, adding, “It said, ‘Jeonghwa, I am so proud and proud of you, the hard work you have worked so far is finally paying off for you. It says ‘I love you’.” 

LE said, “It’s a little sad that I used this when I was young,” and even Jeonghwa began to cry. The members also said affectionately to Jeonghwa, “Be a little childish.”

Meanwhile, EXID released an album titled “X” on September 29 to mark the 10th anniversary of its debut.

Source: nate

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