“A taste of us, you’ll be on fire”, EXID celebrated 10th anniversary with so much heat you will be looking for coke

EXID, who recently reunited for their 10th anniversary, presented a hot “spicy” performance. 

Kpop girl group EXID (Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin, Jeonghwa) recently commemorated their 10th with the album ‘X’ and the title song “Fire”, which music video was released on September 29th at 6pm (KST).


EXID, who debuted in 2012, celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. Their song “Up and Down”, which dropped in 2014, received a lot of love, and after that, they continued to gain popularity with hits such as “Ah Yeah”, “Hot Pink”, “L.I.E”, “Night Rather Than Day”, “DDD”, and more. 


EXID, who boasted an original “zero to hero” path, reunited for a special album that will be a meaningful gift to fans. It is said that the planning of this album started in consideration of EXID fans who have supported the group for 10 years. The album name ‘X’ contains various meanings, such as EXID’s “X”, the Roman letter “X” meaning 10, and “X” meaning connection and collaboration with fans.

Shinsadong Tiger, who created “Up and Down” and EXID member LE participated in the production together for ‘X’ and expressed the group’s unique dark color.


The title song “Fire” is a hip-hop song with an afro beat based on the trap genre. Meanwhile, similar to previous songs of EXID, “Fire” attracted attention with its addictive melody and intense and hot performance. The lyrics also contain lyrics that go well with the spicy performance, such as “Ya get a taste of us, you’ll be on fire, you’ll be lookin’ for cola”, making it more fun to listen to.


On the other hand, in addition to the title song, EXID’s new album also includes B-side tracks “IDK (I DON’T KNOW)”, “LEGGO”, and an English version of “Fire”. “IDK” adds a lyrical rhythm to the exciting Nu Disco genre, while “LEGGO” is a fan song which contains a message to EXID’s fandom “LEGGO”, who has been with them for the past 10 years. 


In 2020, EXID fell to the “7-year curse” of Kpop as members went their separate ways and embarked on solo and acting activities. After about three years, the EXID members gathered again and proved their strong loyalty and teamwork, boasting the aura of a long-lived girl group with their seasoned performances. It’s an exciting experience to see the hot EXID back to the music race. 

Source: Daum

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