Park Bo Gum is spotted doing volunteering work again, the actor is praised as a shining example of “A man living by doing right” 

Actor Park Bo Gum was on the move for another good deed. 

On March 24th, Yoon Se Ah posted a series of photos with the caption that said, “Wearing pretty balloons and on good terms with Bo Gum… The balloon event today, and the delicious fish cake soup was the best. The world is worth living.” 

Park Bo-gum

In the first photo slide, Yoon Se Ah was seen doing voluntary service alongside rapper Sean and actor Park Bo Gum. In particular, Park Bo Gum drew attention with his simple image and a bright smile despite being covered half-face. The three previously shared that they were taking the lead in volunteering work, such as carrying briquettes. This time around, the group gathered to bring warmth to others amidst the cold weather.

Of late, Park Bo Gum has signed an exclusive contract with The Black Label.

Source: Nate 

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