The ‘almost aespa’s member’ attracts attention for covering Black Mamba at “Girls Planet 999”

The former SM trainee took a risky decision by performing a song that was considered difficult by aespa on the Mnet’s show.

On the evening of August 6, Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999 officially aired its first episode. The trainees made their first appearance and demonstrated their abilities in front of famous judges such as Tiffany Young, Sunmi… and other candidates during the first evaluation round.

One of the stages that especially attracted attention was from the trio of Korean contestants Ahn Jungmin, Kim Chaehyun, and Lee Yunji. They picked aespa’s Black Mamba as their first performance. Both in terms of melody and choreography, this song is considered to be difficult. As a result, the trio’s selection is deemed to be risky.

The trainees completed the choreography quite well, making even Sunmi admire. However, there is still some controversy about the singing part. Because the fast, strong, and constantly changing choreography made the trainees quickly lose their stability.

The 'almost aespa's member' attracts attention for covering Black Mamba at "Girls Planet 999"

Notably, Kim Chaehyun’s high note was expected to satisfy viewers, but it didn’t. Although she performed the previous parts perfectly, Kim Chaehyun cracked it when she reached the high note. The trainers grimaced regretfully at Kim Chaehyun’s crack voice. However, after that, she quickly regained her form and completed the stage with her teammates.

The 'almost aespa's member' attracts attention for covering Black Mamba at "Girls Planet 999"

Despite the mistake, netizens still went easy on her. Many people even defended the trio’s performance because they chose a rather difficult song.

  • The voice of the girl with bangs was actually good. Unfortunately, her high note was out of breath.
  • These girls chose a too hard song. But nonetheless, I certificate your can-do spirits.
  • Black Mamba is not easy, so personally I think these 3 guys did well.
  • In this song, if you focus on dancing, you won’t have enough breath to sing, being out of breath certainly is understandable.
  • Black Mamba’s choreography is really strength-damaging.
  • 2 former SM trainees have really good voices.
  • Black Mamba is a difficult song, it’s okay because you guys did it well.

Among these 3 contestants, Ahn Jungmin and Kim Chaehyun are former SM trainees who trained together with aespa members. Chaehyun was indeed close to the members. She once went to the SMTOWN Concert with Karina and Winter. Chaehyun also said that she is very proud that her close friends debuted.

The 'almost aespa's member' attracts attention for covering Black Mamba at "Girls Planet 999"
Chaehyun when she was still an SM trainee


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