Netizens say BLACKPINK Jisoo’s MV teaser is too similar to Jennie’s?

The MV teaser for BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo debut bears a lot of resemblances to Jennie’s “SOLO” MV, said netizens.

On March 29th, YG Entertainment released the MV teaser for BLACKPINK Jisoo’s upcoming solo title, “Flower”, drawing huge attention. Within just 21 seconds, the teaser showed Jisoo in 8 different outfits, flaunting her beauty and the massive investment that YG must have put into the MV. 

Teaser MV “Flower” – Jisoo

However, while most people admire Jisoo’s gorgeous visuals, some netizens started to compare the new teaser to Jennie’s “SOLO” MV, which was released 5 years ago. 

From the scene in front of the mirror,
Shots in the streets, 
The constant changes in outfits,
To the dance break, a lot of elements remind netizens of Jennie’s “SOLO MV”

In particular, in the “SOLO” MV, Jennie also appeared in similar shots, and constantly changed her outfits and styling. At the time, Jennie even wore over 20 outfits, raising curiosity of the same can be expected in the “Flower” MV.

Some scenes are said to be similar
Jennie also constantly changes outfits
And did her dance break in the streets 

Additionally, among 4 solo MVs of BLACKPINK members, Jennie’s and Jisoo’s were filmed outdoors and overseas. Many also say that the two MVs boast similar palettes, and the setting for certain parts such as the dance break bear strong resemblances. 


However, some also argued that instead of Jennie and Jisoo’s solo MV being similar, everything just fell into a certain “YG style”. According to these people, Rosé’s “On The Ground” also boasts several similar details. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • For some reasons, this is giving me a vibe similar to “SOLO”
  • Kim Jisoo is absolutely gorgeous, I can’t believe she is real
  • Is “Flower” going to follow the concept of a rich young lady being betrayed in love? Kind of resembling “SOLO”
  • She sat next to the window alone and danced in black, similar to Jennie’s “SOLO”. On the other hand, the scene where she sat next to the glass looks like Rosé’s “On The Ground”.
  • This feels to me like a combination of “SOLO” and “On The Ground”
  • Guys, isn’t it too early for comparison? Everything is just YG style.

Source: k14

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