Loco and Lee Sung-Kyung and unexpected dating rumors: “I feel close in the shortest time”

The last story of ‘Duetmate (Prod. Locoberry)’, which contains the music production story of actor Lee Sung-Kyung and rapper Loco, has been released.

Dingo Music released the 3rd episode of ‘Duetmate (Prod. Rocoberry)’ on the official YouTube channel at 6 pm on the 9th. In the released video, Lee Sung-Kyung and Loco were filming the music video for the duet song ‘Love’.

In this episode, the whole story of Lee Sung-Kyung and Loco’s dating was revealed. The two were caught up in unexpected dating rumors by posting pictures of similar backgrounds on their SNS on the same day. This photo, which was suspected of ‘Lovestagram’, turned out to be a photoshoot of the duet song ‘Love’ at the place where the music video was made.

In the process of the music video shoot, Lee Sung-Kyung and Loco had their own time when Rocoberry’s offered to buy ice cream. Loco said, “It feels like we got closer in the shortest time. My brothers and sisters are so good, and you are so active, too,” and “From the viewer’s opinion, the image of actors is cool, but it’s kind of you to treat me comfortably” – he sincerely expressed.

Then they had dinner together. While eating, Berry said, “It wasn’t a song we just thought of and made, ‘We should be number one!’, and it’s a song that is comfortable to listen to with vocals and rap in harmony.” revealed the wish. Lee Sung-kyung expressed her wish, “So I hope that many people will enjoy listening to it together.”

Lee Sung-kyung and Loco, who had an idea to shoot a promotional video for ‘Love’ in earnest, decided to shoot a promotional video using Loco’s opinion of the Mad Monster filter. Since Lee Sung-kyung was shy and awkward, Loco met Mad Monster and told her the tip he had learned: “You have to take 4 breaths and get into the camera,” he told Mad Monster’s ‘Hot Tip’ and evoked laughter by directly demonstrating that.

Finally, the two sang the duet song ‘Love’ live together and created an exciting atmosphere, making the viewers satisfied.

Source: Nate

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