The admirable journey of BLACKPINK’s Jennie to becoming a Kpop icon

Everything she went through has made Jennie stronger. 

“One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.” This quote is perfect to describe the emotional journey of BLACKPINK’s Jennie. As the most famous member of BLACKPINK, the pressure she has to endure cannot be described in words. Jennie’s path to becoming a “YG princess” is not a road that is only filled with flowers. 

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
Jennie enjoys top popularity at the age of 26.

A glorious career 

Jennie was born in 1996. She had time studying abroad in New Zealand. She comes from a well-off family background, but she accepts a challenging life. Passing YG’s audition, Jennie, like many other trainees, spent most of her youth in the practice room.

Jennie’s talent soon impressed YG’s producers. Before officially debuting with BLACKPINK, she was featured in the releases of her seniors such as That XX and Black of G-Dragon or GG BE of Seungri. Jennie is the “ace card” that YG wanted to introduce. 

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
Jennie has boasted her potential ever since she was a trainee. 

Jennie and BLACKPINK are the revolution of the K-pop industry. The 4-member girl group hit big right from their debut with Boombayah and Whistle. They don’t have frequent comebacks, but everytime they do, their impact is amazing. Not only taking over domestic digital music charts, BLACKPINK’s songs also made waves internationally, breaking records left and right.

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
Jennie takes on the role of BLACKPINK’s main rapper, but her singing and dancing skills are also outstanding 

Jennie is the first member of BLACKPINK to debut as a soloist. Her first solo single SOLO helped Jennie bag numerous achievements.

After 24 hours of release, Jennie’s SOLO MV exceeded 14.6 million views and 1.8 million likes, getting an All-kill 17 times. The song also topped iTunes charts of 40 countries. SOLO also earned Jennie many wins at weekly music shows and year-end awards. 

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
SOLO became Jennie’s first hit as a solo artist 

Besides music, Jennie is also known as a beauty and fashion icon. She works with many famous brands such as Chanel, HERA Beauty, and Calvin Klein as ambassadors.  Jennie often shows up at high-end international fashion events. She is the first K-pop idol to become the cover star of Korea’s Top 6 fashion magazines

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
Jennie often graces the covers of famous fashion magazines 
She is known as an all-rounder 

Stay strong in the face of challenges

Every path to achievement is fraught with challenges. Jennie is subjected to public criticism despite the fact that she has done nothing wrong. Anti-fans believe that the company favors the female idol too much, that she is given exceptional performances, and that she is provided the best outfits.

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
Netizens think that YG is trying to turn BLACKPINK into Jennie and friends.

Jennie also faced backlash as a result of rumors of school violence, accusations of bullying fellow group members, and dating news. V (BTS) unintentionally followed Jennie on Instagram not long ago, resulting in a barrage of unwarranted criticism aimed at her. Even when she couldn’t perform to her full potential because she was tired and injured, Jennie still received hate.

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
The female idol makes the audience worry about her health and psychological situation.

Facing many difficulties, Jennie seems to be used to it.  However, the sharp words from the public still hurt the heart of the BLACKPINK member. 

Jennie once read negative comments about herself during the livestream. She was on the edge of crying at the time, but she managed to keep her emotions under control. Another time, she made the audience worried when she confided in an interview with Star Road: “I want to throw my phone in the ocean and disappear so no one can find me.”

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon
The female idol must have suffered a lot when being attacked for no reason.

However, Jennie has become more and more successful after anti-fans tried to beat her up.  The female idol has achieved good results in both music and fashion.  Her fame and fortune is the dream of many people.

Jennie won overwhelmingly in the female idol brand reputation rankings in 2021. The female idol’s name also appeared in the list of “The most powerful celebrities” made by Joy News 24.  These things are enough to prove Jennie’s charm.

BLACKPINK Jennie a Kpop icon

Jennie is always strong and brave, no matter how many challenges she faces or how much suffering she endures. The female idol is living true to herself. Without trying to stand out from the crowd, she was born with special charms. Most importantly, her personality enables her to avoid collapsing when faced with public opinion.


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