BLACKPINK Jennie graced the cover of Elle magazine for the February issue!

Jennie’s amazing series of images for Elle is now the talk of the town

Aside from her passion for music, Jennie has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, with a long list of accomplishments. She works with a number of well-known brands throughout the world and is frequently picked as a cover model by popular magazines. She recently drew further recognition when she appeared on ELLE Korea for the Coco Crush jewelry campaign.

BLACKPINK Jennie Elle magazine 2022 February issue
The female idol showed off her beautiful look and sexy body on the magazine cover.

Appearing on the cover of the February 2022 issue of ELLE Korea magazine, the female idol captivated fans in a variety of styles when teaming up with Chanel Coco Crush. Sometimes she is elegant in a classic shirt, sometimes sexy with a crop top and shorts.

BLACKPINK Jennie Elle magazine 2022 February issue
The beauty born in 1996 fascinates fans with attractive visuals

Jennie skillfully showed off her attractive body. The female idol does not take on the role of visual in BLACKPINK but always stands out in her own way.

Slim body, tiny waist with no belly fat help her stand out in any outfit. No need for an elaborate background or heavy makeup look, Jennie still appeared very chic and trendy on the 6 covers of ELLE Korea.

BLACKPINK Jennie Elle magazine 2022 February issue
Her slim waist and attractive bare back made the audience constantly admire.

After being published, Jennie’s magazine photographs drew a lot of attention. BLACKPINK’s main rapper is consistently praised by fans for her charming style and charisma. Over time, the female idol has become more gorgeous.

Jennie lately drew attention when she appeared in a special edition of Dazed Korea with eight covers and 46 pages. The favor of the powerful Editor in Chief for Jennie shows the undeniable popularity of the main rapper BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK Jennie Elle magazine 2022 February issue

For this occasion, Jennie wore Calvin Klein outfits. The female idol’s trendy fashion sense elevates her underwear, making it more appealing and luxurious while remaining attractive but not offensive.

Jennie’s amazing series of magazine images continues to draw notice. Since her debut with BLACKPINK, the female idol has demonstrated her flexibility. Jennie excellently fulfills her role whether in the field of music or fashion.

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