Taeyeon reaches boiling point with SM Entertainment after incidents of bad management

Taeyeon’s relationship with SM Entertainment is getting more difficult by the day.

Recently, fans are expressing their disapproval of SM’s poor management of Taeyeon. Even the artist is dissatisfied with the treatment she receives from the company. 


In “The Odd of Love” concert in Jakarta, the announced venue could only hold up to 5,000 people, causing a wave of anger from fans due to the lack of preparation.

Even the singer publicly showed her disappointment on her Instagram, “Taeyeon-concert-in-Jakarta-nim? It looks like you don’t know something about this?

From her reactions, fans speculated that SM did not fully grasp the scope of Taeyeon’s fandom, leading to an unsuitable venue choice. It reached a boiling point when the company seemingly did not give this information to the female artist beforehand.


More recently, at a Taiwanese concert, Taeyeon had to ask a staff herself to take photos for her and her fans, but no staff members came up to help her. 

Fans did not let this ongoing management issue slide. They hired trucks and parked them in front of the SM building to protest against the company’s treatment to Taeyeon and urged them to do better. They also gave reports on the total number of concertgoers and reminded SM of taking legal action against anti-fans.


In response, SM posted an announcement about taking action against the malicious comments; however, Taeyeon noticed it was only a copy and paste of another post and had to publicly apologize for her company’s error. Recently, SM announced an additional hall for Taeyeon’s Jakarta concert; yet, this is not enough to redeem their past mistakes, according to fans.

To continue the protest, Taeyeon’s fans also received permission for parking, showing an unyielding stance to confront SM.

After the Taiwan concert on June 24, Taeyeon was at her last straw; she unfollowed SM’s official account on social media, showing a tense relationship between the two.

Source: k14

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