Dropping a spoiler about her upcoming musical, Lovelyz Kei was criticized for her carelessness

Kei, a former member of Lovelyz, has been cast in the musical “Death Note,” a highly anticipated musical in the first half of 2022 with undisclosed details.

On January 18, Kei posted an apple emoji along with four photos on her personal SNS. In the released photos, Kei was wearing a black outfit. She also has a pigtail hairstyle. The photo was quickly spread on social media and online communities as fans believed Kei was giving a spoiler for her upcoming musical. Kei then took down this post from her SNS. 


In the four photos posted by Kei, there is a person who appears to be Misa, a character in “Death Note“, based on her hair, makeup, and outfit. The tickets for the musical “Death Note” are expected to be on sale in April. 

Death Note” is returning with the third performance after five years, after its premiere in 2015 and hitting the theaters for the second time in 2017. After the first and second performances were released under C-Jes Culture, “Death Note” is getting reborn as a new production of Od Musical Company. Od Musical Company announced the news in November last year and released a teaser spot video. So far, nothing has been revealed about the musical except for the information that it will come out in April 2022. 

death note

Since musicals are often remade several times, things like the plots, endings, numbers, etc. are already known. The only thing that will change every time a musical is remade is the cast actors who will play the characters. Therefore, the production company is being careful to secure casting information. In particular, there used to be a production company that announced each member of their cast once a day.

The casting information for “Death Note”, which is still hidden, has been released. It was because Kei gave a spoiler herself. Although the photo was deleted, it has already spread out of control online. In the end, the heat has been cooled down and only her fans are waiting for the casting of “Death Note”. Since the production company wanted to promote the cast sequentially as a marketing method, they are in a difficult situation. Od Musical Company said to 10 Asia, “We are going to unveil the cast of ‘Death Note’ soon”.


After the disbandment of Lovelyz in November 2021, Kei signed an exclusive contract with PALMTREE ISLAND, which was founded by Kim Jun-su in January 2022. She then turned to musical acting and heralded a new start. Kei’s first stage as a musical actress is for the musical “Excalibur”. The encore performances of “Excalibur” will be held at Sejeong Center for the Performing Arts from January 29th.

Since “Death Note” will be performed on stage again after 5 years, it is in the spotlight of attention. However, because of Kei’s four spoiler photos, “Death Note” is receiving much more attention than “Excalibur” 10 days before its opening. Amidst the situation in which she has to work hard to promote “Excalibur”, her next work has become the talk of the town. Turning to musical acting, Kei seems to have pressed the wrong button from the beginning. Since Kei has only taken her first steps, she should learn from this experience and be more careful in the future.

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