Netizens re-examine “Moving” Lee Jung Ha’s appearance on “The Unit”

Actor Lee Jung Ha rose to stardom thanks to the character Kim Bong Seok in Disney+’s original series “Moving”.

Along with the fact that his mother fought against stage 3 colon cancer, his idol activities in the past are being re-examined.

Lee Jung ha

Lee Jung Ha, who debuted through the web drama “Heart Attack Warning” in 2017, appeared on KBS2’s entertainment program “The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project” the same year.

Lee Jung Ha confessed that he dreamed of becoming an idol since middle school and was cast by JYP, but ran away because he knew he lacked the talent.

He then performed B1A4’s “What’s Going On”. When the song began, the judges and audience could not hide their embarrassment. This is because he showed too poor dancing and singing skills to be called an idol trainee.

Lee Jungha

In the end, he received only 2 votes from the audience, and the judges were at a loss.

However, Lee Jung Ha showed his characteristic bright smile and repeatedly shouted, “Thank you.” Rain said, “For the first time ever. I’m pleased despite the lack of talent. To be honest, your singing is a bit lacking. I don’t think your dancing skills need to be mentioned.” Rain then taught him how to dance.

Lee Jung Ha, who was about to face the final evaluation, expressed his bold aspirations, “I ran back then. But I want to try it this time. I learned to dance and sing for the first time for this challenge.”

Lee Jungha

As a result, Lee Jung Ha was selected by 4 judges and was able to join as a trainee.

However, he was later criticized. Rain, who was a judge, told Lee Jung Ha, “Efforts alone aren’t enough now. You have to do well. People around me told me, ‘Why did you pick him?’ Were you hurt?

Lee Jung Ha confessed, “I was hurt a little, but I was worried about my mother. That’s why I became more motivated. I wanted to show people more what I can do.”

In an interview with the production team, he shared, “As my mom is very ill, she wanted to see me on TV. Since I’m on ‘The Unit’, she might be smiling. She has stage 3 colon cancer. She had operations. She’ll go under chemotherapy.

Lee Jungha

In a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Lee Jung Ha revealed his mother’s recent health status.

Lee Jung Ha said, “My mom always cheered me on. When I told her that I passed the audition of ‘Moving‘, she said, ‘You worked hard, congratulations. Son, let’s fly higher.’ I was happier and more proud than anyone else.

Source: Insight

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