Swings Mentions Having Kids, Fans Suspect Reunion With Ex-Girlfriend Lim Bora

Rapper Swings made a surprise comment about having kids

Swings reportedly made a lengthy post on his Instagram story on October 19th. In the post, he said, “Try anything when you’re young, even if you’re a year old. I’m going to have a baby later, so I can’t just live like I do now, it’s now, when I’m young (that I need to do it).” The rapper also made fans look forward to his next move by saying, “Wait for me.

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Swings and Lim Bora had reunited after 3 years of breakup, sharing a photo of the two displaying affectionate gestures. 

In response, Swings’ reps said, “It’s difficult to confirm as it is related to the artist’s private life,” taking a cautious stance on the rumor of Swings and Lim Bora’s reunion that arose after their breakup.

Swings and Lim Bora garnered significant attention since publicly dating in 2017. They openly expressed their affection through social media and made appearances on numerous broadcasts together.

Source: daum

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