The identity of this “solo guest” who will appear on “Knowing Bros” next week surprised everyone

This actor will appear on “Knowing Bros” as the only guest of the upcoming episode, drawing keen attention.

At the end of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros” broadcast on February 13th, a preview video for its 320th episode, which will air on February 19th, was released.

In the video, “Knowing Bros” cast members were seen playing a skit with a guest. The skit was named “‘Knowing Bros’’s Sleeve”. This is because actress Lee Se-young will appear on the show as a solo guest.

Lee Se-young gained huge popularity after starring in MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve”. 

Knowing Bros

The actress began the skit by performing famous lines in the drama again. She said, “There are not many things I can do by myself here. I wish I can do even some small things. I want to live a life that I choose”.

All the members of “Knowing Bros” transformed into court ladies. The whole broadcast was made with the background of the skit, and the “Knowing Bro’s School” section was also not seen.

Knowing Bros

The preview video received enthusiastic responses from netizens immediately after it was released. As of 11 a.m on February 13th, more than 400 comments were posted under the preview video released on Naver TV.

They showed reactions, such as “This is totally crazy”, “She’s so pretty”, “How could she be that beautiful?”, “I’m going to watch the broadcast”, “I will watch Knowing Bros again after a long time”.

The new episode of “Knowing Bros”, featuring Lee Se-young, will air at 8:40 p.m on February 19th.

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