4 Korean dramas about school violence and bullying

Since when is the school environment so dark?

School bullying is an aching problem often portrayed by Korean filmmakers in school-themed dramas.

1. My Little Baby, Jaya

Jaya (Oh Ye Sul) is a cheerful, strong schoolgirl who also loves her father with cerebral palsy. She always stood up and defended when her father – Won Sool (Kim Jung Kyoon) was mistreated by others. Same with Won Sool, although not as smart as everyone else, he always has special affection for his only daughter. The two’s life was difficult but still very peaceful until Jaya became a victim of school violence. She decided to end her life when she was beaten, isolated, and even gang-raped by her friends.

Korean dramas about school violence and bullying

2. School 2015

Referring to dramas about school violence, excluding School 2015 would be a huge mistake. Because she has no parents and lives in an orphanage, Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun) becomes the subject of bullying by a group of female students. Not only beating, throwing powder at people or making psychological threats, this group of girls also plotted harm and used the influence of their family to force Eun Bi to be expelled from school. She was extremely resentful and sought death to free herself.

Korean dramas about school violence and bullying

3. Shadow Beauty

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name, the drama Shadow Beauty tells the story of a female student named Goo Ae Jin (Shim Dal Gi), who becomes a victim of school bullying because of her unflattering appearance. Because of this, after school, Ae Jin lived with a different identity, applying makeup, and spending hours editing photos to become Genie, a social media star.

Korean dramas about school violence and bullying
Korean dramas about school violence and bullying

4. Thread Of Lies

The horrific consequences of school bullying on mental health are well illustrated by the drama Thread Of Lies. In the drama, Lee Cheon Ji (Kim Hyang Gi), a 14-year-old girl suffering from depression because of being bullied by her friends, ends up choosing to end her life. Although the story of school violence is not described too clearly in Thread Of Lies, viewers can partly imagine the cruelty behind the school door, the place is thought to have only education and solidarity.

Korean dramas about school violence and bullying
Korean dramas about school violence and bullying

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