Suspicious close moments between Sehun (EXO) and Mina (gugudan)

The 2 idols excited fans with their cute interaction at an event.

On March 24th, both Sehun (EXO) and Mina (gugudan) attended the Seoul Fashion Week 2019.
They were both on the front row of the CHARM’S fashion show. Their close moments of these 2 idols immediately got the attention of fans.
Sehun and Mina once worked together for the webdrama Dokgo Rewind (2018) which led to this close relationship.
At the event, they continuously talking and whispering to each other, even bursted out laughing a few times. The adorable interaction of them excites fans and some has decided to ship them.
Many fans commented that if Sehun and Mina are really dating…
…they will be a powerful visual couple of K-Pop.
Some comments online said: “I’m truly happy because Sehun seems comfortable interacting with Mina without worrying about fans’ reaction”, “They are so cute, I love the way how Mina seems so small next to Sehun”, “Truthfully speaking, they seems quite close, I know Sehun has had 7 years of experience so it’s okay for him to date”, “So adorable. I ship this couple”,…

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