“Stop being so obvious”… Red Velvet Joy ♥ Crush’s “lovestagram” → Fans are “angry”

While Red Velvet Joy is proudly continuing her public relationship with singer Crush, some fans expressed dissatisfaction.

On Nov 12th, a fan’s post expressing dissatisfaction with Joy and Crush‘s public relationship became a hot topic on online communities.

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The author said, “I’ve been a fan since Red Velvet’s debut. However, I’m writing this because many people say ‘Joy’s fans don’t care about Joy showing off her love’. When the dating rumors first surfaced, the atmosphere in the fandom was like ‘Have a beautiful relationship’.”

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The author explained, “Even when there were eyewitness accounts, Joy’s private SNS account was leaked and people found out about the two’s lovestagram, it wasn’t Joy’s fault, so everyone blamed the hacker. However, one day, we started to feel absurd when the two confidently pressed like for each other’s posts on Instagram.”

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The author went on to say, “If they didn’t make it obvious, fans would have cheered for them. The eyewitness accounts can be overlooked, but they wore couple jackets while carrying out official schedules as well as did lovestagram on their official Instagram accounts.”

The author got angry, “Crush’s name is attached like a tag and Joy’s personal activities are full of comments about Crush, so how can fans feel good?”

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Netizens showed various reactions such as “Their lovestagram was too much”, “They don’t think about fans at all”, “I hope they work hard on their main jobs”…

In August last year, Joy and Crush officially admitted their romantic relationship and started dating publicly.

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Since the start of their public relationship, Crush and Joy have been drawing attention by pressing “like” for each other’s Instagram and expressing affection towards each other.

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