Surprising height difference between IVE Jang Won Young and Girls’ Generation Taeyeon 

The difference in height between Jang Won Young and Taeyeon is known to be 13 centimeters.

On April 8th, IVE Jang Won Young and Liz appeared as guests on “Amazing Saturday” where Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is a fixed cast member. What surprised fans was a shocking height difference between the fourth-generation female idol and her senior. 

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and IVE Liz, Jang Won Young shared a frame on “Amazing Saturday”; each idol flaunted their respective beauty 
Jang Won Young showed off impressive height on the program 

Considering height alone, Jang Won Young was definitely taller than her senior. According to their personal profiles, Jang Won Young is 173-centimeter tall, while Taeyeon is only 158 to 160 centimeters in height, creating a roughly 13-centimeter difference. Moreover, for the shooting of the episode, Won Young was also seen wearing a pair of slight heels, adding to the observable difference. 

The clear height difference between Jang Won Young and Taeyeon 
Taeyeon “turned small” beside Jang Won Young, the tallest member of IVE 

Source: K14 

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