Suffering from having the same name as Kris Wu, a Chinese young man hastily changed his name

The person having the same name as scandalous celebrity Kris Wu has to hastily change his name because it causes him a lot of trouble.

In the first half of 2021, C-Biz was covered by a series of shocking scandals of Zheng Shuang, Kris Wu… The fate of those with the same name as the former stars also fell into the awkward scene.

The person with the same name as Kris Wu had a lot of trouble after the former singer was arrested by the police.

Specifically, according to Beijing News recently reported, Wu Yifan – one of the unlucky people with the same name as a former celebrity Kris Wu – went to the police station to ask for a name change. He said that his real name has the same pronunciation as Kris Wu (both read as Wu Yi Fan, Kris’s China name), so after the singer was arrested on suspicion of rape, Wu Yifan had to face many troubles.

Wu Yifan went to the police station to change his name because the name was causing too much trouble for him.

Right from the first days when Kris Wu’s scandal broke out, many stories of awkward troubles have happened. Weibo, QQ, WeChat accounts, even chat boxes or social media posts, just need to have the phrase “Wu Yifan”, the system will also immediately scan and delete them. So when listening to Wu Yifan’s story, many netizens all expressed sympathy for him.

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