A boy group disbanded 4 days after debut due to intense criticisms

Having just debuted for a few days, this boy group had to disband due to the pressure of public opinion.

On August 20, Asia Star Entertainment (ASE), a Chinese company, debuted a group of 7 members called Tianfu Boy Band and released their debut MV. However, the group immediately received intense criticisms from the netizens. It is because the members are too young as they are only aged between 7 and 11.

Being criticized by music fans and Chinese netizens, ASE company decided to change the group’s name to Panda Children’s Art Troupe.

Notably, along with this decision, the management company also affirmed that the reason why they established the group was simply to nurture talent and gather boys with passion for singing and dancing.  The company also said that, even though debuting as a group, they will not do fandom activities like other idol groups.

However, seemingly unable to withstand the pressure of public opinion, on the same day of deciding to change the group’s name, the management company of Panda Boys also issued a disbandment notice and stopped all musical activities. Thus, after only about 4 days of debut, Panda Boys officially disbanded.

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