International fans showed their support for Kim Seon-ho in Korean, “Kim Seonho = My reason”

The global fandom of actor Kim Seon-ho is cheering for his return.

Overseas fans of Kim Seon-ho recently released a supportive music video titled “Kim Seon-ho, you are my reason” to show their support for the actor. Fans from many countries all over the world, including the U.S, Canada, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Singapore, the Philippines, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Australia, and Iraq, participated in writing support messages for Kim Seon-ho.

Kim Seon-ho international fans

In particular, the video drew attention since each fan stated how Kim Seon-ho means to them under the theme “You are my reason”. Along with supportive words, overseas fans also wished Kim Seon-ho to be strong again in their messages, such as, “Kim Seon-ho, you are the reason why I’m learning Korean”, “You’re the reason that found my passion again”, “The reason that helps me feel what kindness is”, “You’re the reason that I smile”, “The reason of my words”, “You’re the reason that makes me believe in love”, “You are the reason why I decided to stan an actor”, “The reason that helps me realize my hope and future.”

Kim Seon-ho international fans

While Korean fans are collecting malicious comments and defamation posts related to Kim Seon-ho, international fans seem to be busy sending supportive messages to cheer for Kim Seon-ho‘s return.

Meanwhile, from being called a rising star, Kim Seon-ho faced the biggest downfall in his career when the actor’s ex-girlfriend exposed that he forced her to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage. However, the public’s opinion towards Kim Seon-ho’s scandal was overturned after his ex’s real name, job, history of a divorce, and her text messages while she was in the relationship with Kim Seon-ho were released. Kim Seon-ho’s advertising contents, which previously were taken down due to the controversy, have been revived gradually, and his movie casting was also confirmed. As the filming of Kim Seon-ho’s debut movie “Sad Tropics” is scheduled to begin in December, people are only waiting for a confirmation of his return to acting.

Kim Seon-ho international fans
Kim Seon-ho international fans

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