“Strong Girl Nam-soon” Lee Yoo-mi, the journey from unknown actress to potential rising star

In the Korean entertainment industry filled with “acting geniuses”, it is difficult to shine

Actress Lee Yoo-mi (29) is currently capturing attention with JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Strong Girl Nam-soon”. The work’s remarkable viewership goes beyond just numbers, as she stands as a symbol of unwavering determination.

Lee Yoo-mi

Lee Yoo-mi, often seen as a pioneer of the “never give up” spirit, spent a significant portion of her 15-year career in obscurity. However, she persistently pursued acting, gradually building her presence through independent films like “Park Hwa Young” (2018) and dramas such as “Just Dance”. With an intense energy packed into her petite frame, she chewed into any role and proved herself as a potential rising star.

Her role in “Squid Game” was not just a stroke of luck; it was the result of diligent preparation. She previously earned her place alongside veteran actor Hwang Jung-min in the movie “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” after winning a fierce competition with an audition rate of 1,000 to 1. This marked her entry into the mainstream and ultimately led her to wider recognition, culminating in accolades like the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards (2022) and numerous film festivals.

Lee Yoo-mi

What sets Lee Yoo-mi apart is her unwavering dedication even after the success of “Squid Game”. She famously worked part-time as a food delivery driver during the height of the “Squid Game” craze. Her humbleness was evident when she said, “During my time off, I would work part-time for Coupang Eats (Korean food delivery service). All of a sudden, everyone knew who I was. I was baffled. I try not to feel the popularity and focus on what I need to do in the future. I’ve been working hard these days to remember who I am.

The explosive attention on “Squid Game” has now faded, and Lee Yoo-mi is entering another significant phase of her acting career. She landed the title role in “Strong Girl Nam-soon”, which is as pivotal in her filmography as “Squid Game”. The drama, despite being just 4 episodes in, has already showcased her ardent mother – daughter chemistry with Kim Jung-eun (as Hwang Geum-joo) and her sweet romance with Ong Seong-wu (as Gang Hee-sik). With intriguing developments, viewers are eager to see more of her talent.

Lee Yoo-mi’s authentic portrayal of Gang Nam-soon has brought a sense of catharsis to viewers. As the drama progresses, she is expected to continue to impress.

lee yoo mi

The day when “Strong Girl Nam-soon” finishes its run may be the day when Lee Yoo-mi truly takes flight, leaving the shadows of obscurity far behind. She stands as an example of persistence, talent and a fresh new queen of the small screen.

Source: Daum

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