The viral story of Cinderella and the prince at the awards ceremony: V (BTS) picked up something Red Velvet dropped and the happy ending

At The Fact Music Awards ceremony, many special moments made the netizens go crazy. And one of those moments is the fairy tale of Cinderella and the prince in real life, which went viral immediately. Specifically, the most outstanding male idol in the awards ceremony that day, V (BTS), accidentally picked up a gorgeous earring of a mysterious beauty.

The scene where the guy kneeling down, picking up the earring and watching it with affectionate look made the netizen crazy because he looks just like a real-life prince searching for Cinderella of his life. V was curious about the identity of the owner of the earrings, so he asked his best friend Jimin. The fans quickly find out the beauty who dropped the earring is a member of Red Velvet.

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