A Korean actress gave up her career and was forced to marry her rapist: 32 years of living like a hostage, returning to the screen in her 50s

Nearly 7 years after escaping her nightmare marriage, this Korean actress is living the most beautiful days. 

Seo Jung Hee may not be familiar to viewers of the current generation, but back in the 90s, she was a sought-after actress and model, known for her appearance in successful productions of the Korean screen. At the age of 60, if she was still active in the industry, she would have been widely known as a veteran actress with a timeless beauty and admirable acting skills…

Seo Jung Hee

A bright future was destroyed by a hellish marriage

Seo Jung Hee’s acting career did not last long, although she started acting quite early. Heaven Mom, Thoughts On Capitalism and Born Of February 30th were the last works before she officially “retired”. In her twenties, Seo Jung Hee had to give up on her dream to get married to priest and comedian Seo Se Won. The marriage received many blessings from the public. Seeing how Seo Jung Hee looked happy and radiant by her husband’s side, everyone thought that she had found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, the one who made her voluntarily give up the spotlight to settle down. But the truth is, this marriage was the beginning of a tragedy.

Seo Jung Hee

Seo Se Won, Seo Jung Hee’s husband, whom she met when she was 19 years old, was the man who sexually assaulted her.  A few months later, Seo Jung Hee was forced into marriage by her rapist. Of course, this marriage was nowhere near a happy one. Jung Hee was beaten and tortured by the man disguised as an actor and priest for 32 years. To Seo Se Won, Seo Jung Hee was just a slave. Seo Jung Hee even had suicidal thoughts: “I thought of suicide as a way to escape. But then I realized I could not go when that man was not punished.” Her daughter also attempted suicide with 60 sleeping pills because she could not stand a cruel, domineering father, fortunately she was saved in time.

Seo Jung Hee
CCTV footage of Seo Jung Hee getting beaten by her husband
Seo Jung Hee
The actress painfully revealed that she was physically assaulted by her husband

All tragedies have come to an end

When Seo Jung Hee recounted the tragedies of her life, the audience did not understand how she could endure suffering for so long.  Exactly after 32 years, in 2015, she was freed when she sued her husband in court.  However, Seo Se Won was only sentenced to 6 months in prison and 2 years of probation.

Seo Jung Hee
Seo Jung Hee is surprisingly young

Since the day she got rid of her evil husband, Seo Jung Hee really redoed her life.  She founded a YouTube channel, worked as a photo model and returned to acting in the Bounty Hunter project.  Now she becomes a cheerful, happy woman with unbelievable youthful beauty.  At the age of 60, Seo Jung Hee enjoys a well-off life, travels everywhere and has a daughter named Seo Dong Ju, a beautiful young lawyer. 

Seo Jung Hee
It’s hard to believe this is a woman in her 60s
Seo Jung Hee
Actress Seo Jung Hee now lives happily with her successful, beautiful daughter
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