Netizens point out the reason why Gong Yoo can never lose the “slap-match” game in ‘Squid Game’

The must-know method to win the “slap-match” game in “Squid Game” was revealed.


In Netflix’s drama “Squid Game”, actor Gong Yoo appeared as a cameo, invited the main character Lee Jung Jae to play the “slap-match” game and bet 100,000 won in cash.

Korean teenagers who have just turned 20 may be familiar with this game, but in fact, this is a kind of childhood game that Korean people who were born in the 90s enjoy playing.

Many people wondered if it is true that there is no way to win this “slap-match” game, so some viewers decided to share the ultimate techniques that will help you get 100,000 won from Gong Yoo.


On October 5th, the Youtube channel “THIScovery” uploaded a video titled “How to get 100,000 won from Gong Yoo in ‘Squid Game’!”

In the video, they explained that we could subdue an opponent if we know these three things: the ttakji (folded paper), posture, and stroke.

According to the video content, the first thing to do is to prepare a “well-folded ttakji”. You can fold the ttakji using a moderately thick piece of paper, such as an old calendar or drawing paper. If the paper is too thick, it would be difficult to fold or easier to be flipped by the opponent. So, be careful!

Moving on to the step of folding the “ttakji”, you should cut the paper so that the length is about 3 times longer than the width. Then make a cross with the 2 pieces. Fold the four parts that are sticking out to a triangle. In the end, press the “ttakji” hard to make it flat, or you can use a ruler to sharpen the edges.


The second tip is posture. Before throwing, you must fix your eyes on the opponent’s “ttakji” correctly.

Clench your hand holding the “ttakji” firmly and raise it above your shoulder. Your other hand must be in rotatory motion to balance your upper body’s strength. Then, notice the position where you will step beforehand and set your legs properly to have a perfect posture.

Now, keep your gaze fixed on the target until you throw your “ttakji”. Push your hand all the way to the end. Then, the moment you strike it, your foot must be as close to the opponent’s “ttakji” as possible so that it would give your more strength.


The third know-how is the stroke. There are 3 basic types of stroke: standard stroke, angled stroke, and pulling stroke.

The standard stroke is a method in which the player throws the “ttakji” and hits the target downwards. Focus on the cross-part on the “ttakji” then hit the side that is a little away from the center of the opponent’s “ttakji”.

The angled stroke is to make a semicircle with your arm to the right when you strike. If your target area is on the front side of the “ttakji”, then you just have to hit the right side from the center.

The last technique is the pulling stroke. You pull your arm as if you’re putting it between your legs as you strike. It’s also important to strike the center or the upper area of the opponent’s “ttakji”.

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