‘Street Woman Fighter’ PROWDWON’s leader Monika expressed her anger at teams that invited idols

PROWDWON Monika criticized WANT and HOOK for inviting celebrities for the new mission’s performance in Street Woman Fighter.

In Mnet’s entertainment program ‘Street Woman Fighter’, which aired on the 28th, a new mission ‘Mega Crew Mission’ was revealed. All 7 teams of the shoe could recruit dancers by mobilizing their personal networks ahead of fierce competition.

WANT Lee Chae-yeon contacted her close friends, Weki Meki Yoo-jeong, LOONA Eve, and rapper Lee Young-ji, who are all love dancing. She explained, “Lee Chae-yeon seemed to need a secret weapon. She wanted to show the synergy of idols.”

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Hook’s leader, Aiki, invited Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. However, she said, “If you only recruited celebrities, it could be a minus,” and showed the appearance of recruiting martial arts dancers, cheerleaders, and dancers from Korea’s first female krump dance crew, BOTB.

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PROWDWON leader Monika said, “Let’s stop doing things with celebrities. If that’s how we win, I won’t do it. You called yourself dancer?” She decided not to hire celebrities.

street woman fighter

After seeing the crew’s list where she had revealed the celebrity cast, Monika expressed her dissatisfaction.  Monica burst into anger, “To be honest, I came out thinking that the dancers would fight each other, but it’s funny to fight celebrities here.”

In an interview, Monika said, “I hope you don’t forget that it’s a show made for dancers.”

PROWDWON performed the mega crew stage by selecting Dynamic Duo’s ‘Desperado’ as the mission song. BoA praised it, saying, “The composition and delivery were good. It feels like I’ve seen a single piece of art”. PROWDWON score totaled 285 points. For the high score, Monika expressed her gratitude with tears in her eyes.

street woman fighter

After the Mega Crew mission on that day, YGX, who was a strong candidate for the championship, was selected as the top crew expected to be eliminated. In the preview for the next episode, it was revealed that the second eliminated crew after WayB was selected.

street woman fighter

On the other hand, before the broadcast of the day, Noze, the leader of the first eliminated crew, WayB, appeared and expressed her feelings of being eliminated. Noze said, “It was complicated. It was also sad. I also feel sorry for the members”.

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