‘Special DJ’ Chuu praised by “Youngstreet Radio” listeners, “I was both nervous and excited”

Singer Chuu pleased listeners’ ears with her unique and lovely voice on “Wendy’s Youngstreet” radio program.

Chuu appeared on the May 29th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Wendy’s Youngstreet” and made her first DJ debut.

Coming to the radio show as a special DJ, Chuu said, “I’ve been here a lot as a radio guest, but this is my first time being a DJ. That’s why I’m really nervous”, adding “I monitored Wendy sunbaenim’s radio broadcasts a lot. I should do well today.” She continued, “I listen to ‘Wendy’s Youngstreet’ radio the most often”, expressing her affection for the program.


Revealing her overwhelming feelings, Chuu said, “I’m quite experienced with broadcasts, but live broadcasting feels different. I was both nervous and excited about the radio. It’s already embarrassing and awkward listening to my own voice, so I’ve never imagined what it would be like to listen to my own radio show. I think I should definitely monitor this show later to see how it turns out.”

That day, Chuu communicated with radio listeners and showcased her pure charms. With her unique positive energy, she formed a deep empathetic connection with listeners and led a delightful atmosphere. After the broadcast, Chuu received favorable reviews for her stable hosting skills and sincerity in different corners, such as “Messages of Empathy”, “Imagine More”, and “Other People’s Love Stories.”

Chu will continue to work as a special DJ until June 4th and meet with listeners for a whole week.

Source: Daum

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