STAYC members under controversy for constantly making fun of J’s voice

Korean netizens think some STAYC members are going overboard with their joke towards J. 

STAYC recently came under an attitude controversy after a fan of J expressed her displeasure with other members’ actions towards her bias. This later blew up into a trending topic on online community Pann and drew much attention. 

Specifically, as J has a trademark deep voice, other members, especially Yoon, Sumin, and Seeun, have repeatedly mimicked J‘s voice and laughed among each other. They raised their voice, making it sound like a man’s voice while J‘s voice was not actually that hard to hear. 

J (far left) is constantly has her voice mimicked by other members 

Netizens said this joke might be funny and harmless at first, it’s getting annoying because Yoon, Seeun and Sumin have not stopped doing it in every STAYC’s comeback promotion. The members were all excited about making fun of J, but looking at J’s expressions, netizens noticed that she was uncomfortable and did not find the joke funny. 

Many netizens added that even if STAYC members did not have any bad intentions, they need to stop joking around like that. Moreover, J‘s expression when the members are copying her doesn’t look good either. On the other hand, others see that this is not a big deal, but just a funny joke between the girls.

– What the hell! They were just joking around but people made it so serious. If this becomes viral, then the girls probably won’t dare to joke anymore.

– Idols of the 4th generation are always being scrutinized, maybe the public will only be pleased if they stand still like a statue and not interact at all.

– I know that the members are just joking around, but sometimes J’s face is also a bit sad.

– Say the members of the same group are parodying, and then make fun of this and that, how can the person being teased not feel self-deprecating? It was funny at first but seeing them constantly doing it is a bit….

– Isn’t it cute? Yoon likes J so much that she often teases her, STAYC usually jokes like that, it’s not a big deal. J doesn’t show any anger, both idols and fans are happy, and that’s enough.

– J does not look happy either. She even tried to smile shyly and then grabbed Yoona’s shoulder to tell her to stop joking. Joking a lot like that sometimes makes them self-conscious about their own voice.

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