What will Brave Girls do with the first paycheck they receive?

Considered as a phoenix reborn from the ashes, the Brave Entertainment girl group’s success is admirable.

Once facing the risk of disbandment, Brave Girls had a spectacular comeback thanks to the great effect of the super hit rollin’.  The song has made the names of the four girls so popular. They even surpass many other famous names to take the throne on many charts.

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Success came in an unexpected way that changed this idol group’s life.  The girls happily shared about their future direction and what they plan to do when receiving their first salary.

Having been active for 10 years in the industry, but Brave Girls cannot return investments to the company.  That means 4 girls are not paid.  However, after Rollin’s success, fans believed that the Brave Girls will soon receive a share of the profits.  All 4 members are optimistic about their intention with the first salary in their career.

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Yujeong shared that before that, friends sent coffee to support them.  Therefore, she will repay those who always encouraged and cheered for her.  Eunji will give the salary to her parents.  She chokedly shared that she always wanted to do something for her parents on a special occasion but was unable to.  This made the female idol heartbroken.

Main dancer – Minyoung revealed that she wanted to take the group to eat a delicious and expensive meal.  In addition, she will buy gifts for her mother and repay her student loans.

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While the other members excitedly talked about her plan, the youngest Yuna humorously revealed that she did not want to do anything. She said because her account has long since run out of balance.  “My account usually doesn’t have any money so I just want to see a little bit of money in it.  I don’t want to buy anything”- The idol born in 1993 said happily.

Sharing in the recent Problem Child in House episode, the members said that they had to work part-time job to cover their lives.  Besides, producer Brave Brothers also took their own money to support the group in difficult times.

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In another show, Brave Girls once recalled the memory of having to be backup dancers to make money.

“We performed as backup dancers for American singer Silentó. It was our first performance at an award show, so we were very happy. However, I am also jealous of the singers sitting at the table below the stage “- shared members.

Brave Girls’ success has inspired many artists who are struggling on their way to assert themselves.  Fans hope that the 4 girls will soon return to the K-pop race with more high-quality music products.

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