Stars who suffer damage from absurd premarital pregnancy rumors: from EXO Sehun to Song Ga In and Kim Yu Na

Korean celebrities are suffering from various fake news, including premarital pregnancy rumors. EXO Sehun became the victim this time.

On March 27th, EXO Sehun’s agency SM Entertainment said to HeraldPOP, “Rumors about Sehun that have been circulating online are completely groundless. It is an obvious criminal act of distributing malicious content that is not true”, adding “The post has been deleted, but we are still monitoring the situation and will take strong legal actions against the original poster and rumor spreaders.”


Earlier, an article titled “Photo posted by Sehun’s non-celebrity girlfriend” was released on an online community. According to the content of this article, a person believed to be Sehun’s girlfriend set her KakaoTalk profile background with a picture that seems to be hinting at her pregnancy. As a result, netizens raised the possibility that Sehun’s girlfriend is pregnant before marriage. In addition, a recent post on online forums and Mom Cafe claiming to have witnessed an unmarried male idol at an OB/GYN clinic was added to prove the speculation. However, Sehun’s agency strongly denied all the rumors.

Sehun is not the only star who suffered from the spread of fake news and false information. Recently, another fake news that singer Song Ga In and Kim Jo Jung were getting married also spread on Youtube.

Fans and even the stars themselves were bewildered by the absurd fake news that Song Ga In was five months pregnant. On the 21st, Song Ga In’s agency PocketDol Studio refuted such false rumors.

song ga in

At that time, the agency said, “The news of the two’s marriage is groundless,” and “Not only Song Ga In but many celebrities are also suffering serious damages due to fake news that seeks attention and views”.

Figure skating star Kim Yu Na and her husband Go Woo Rim were also shocked by premarital pregnancy rumors. Immediately after the news that Kim Yu Na was pregnant before her marriage broke out, her agency responded that it was “groundless” and corrected the information.

Kim Yuna Go Woo-rim thumbnail

When Kim Yu Na and Go Woo Rim got married after 3 years of dating, netizens raised various speculations, including a premarital pregnancy due to her sudden marriage announcement. The couple faced such a bad situation before their wedding due to excessive public interest, privacy invasion, and fake news.

As many stars are suffering damage from false information and fake news, it seems that legal regulations are necessary to punish these actions.

Source: Naver

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