TWICE’s “Scientist” accused of copying Red Velvet’s “Umpah Umpah” (ft. K-netizens’ mixed reactions)

A post on Pann is gathering mixed reactions from netizens for accusing TWICE’s new song “Scientist” of plagiarizing Red Velvet’s “Umpah Umpah.”

On the popular Korean online forum Pann, a post was recently made about the similarities between TWICE’s new comeback song “Scientist” and Red Velvet’s hit song “Umpah Umpah.” Claiming that TWICE copied Red Velvet, OP also included some captured photos of YouTube and Tiktok channels, which put the two MVs together to compare. The Tiktok video in the post has however been deleted.

Photo 3: A YouTube channel has put the two videos together to compare 

About the issue, Korean netizens have shown mixed opinions. The post received 102 agrees and 107 disagrees, proving that many Koreans think it’s not plagiarism. However, in the top comments, a lot of people agree that the similarities are obvious. 

The comments are as follows:

  • [+82, -22] I thought of “Umpah Umpah” right away.
  • [+68, -20] Legally, there’s no problem. It’s only plagiarism when the 8 notes overlap. But that part is so similar to “Umpah Umpah.”
  • [+59, -21] So I’m not the only one who thinks they are similar.

Here is the YouTube video mentioned in the post:

Do you think TWICE copied Red Velvet?

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