Ratings of weekend K-dramas: Snowdrop saw slight increase but could not exceed 3%

Most of the weekend dramas had their ratings increase, including Snowdrop of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Ratings of Snowdrop often drop in one episode, then rise in the next one. This has been the same pattern for the last few weeks, because the Sunday time slot has less competition. But this week is different, even though the drama is coming to an end, Snowdrop’s rating cannot reach 3%. Specifically, the rating of the latest episode only slightly increased to 2.8%. The storyline is getting more dramatic, but every episode is filled with blood and tears, which can exhaust the viewers. Perhaps that explains the decline in rating.

Meanwhile, ratings for Uncle continued to soar. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of Uncle recorded an average nationwide rating of 9.3%, marking a new personal best for the drama. tvN’s Bulgasal saw a humble increase in viewership last night, earning an average rating of 4.5%.


SBS’s Let Me Be Your Knight wrapped up nicely, recording average nationwide ratings of 1.8% and 1.1% for the last two episodes. KBS 2TV’s Young Lady and Gentleman continued to dominate Sunday night with an average nationwide rating of 34.7% for its latest episode.

Let Me Be Your Knight


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