Fans got mad at JYP when thinking that the company did not allow TWICE and Stray Kids to participate in BamBam’s dance challenge

Previously, all 7 GOT7 members did not renew their contracts with JYP and left, fueling rumors that the members and the company had a poor relationship.

Recently, BamBam released his first album as a solo artist since leaving JYP last year. To promote this album, BamBam created the “Slow Mo” dance challenge. Right after that, many artists joined this challenge to support him.

BamBam dance challenge

However, netizens noticed that TWICE and Stray Kids members did not do this challenge with their senior at all, even though they had a close relationship before. This raises suspicions that JYP has prevented its artist from interacting with former idols.  In a recent video, when asked by fans why BamBam hasn’t done the dance challenge with his friends yet, he explained:

“Doing the dance challenge with the idols in my old company is quite difficult. Sometimes they allow it, but sometimes they don’t. I’m quite cautious because I’ve already left the company, not that I have any resentful thoughts. “.

Many people expressed their displeasure at JYP’s heterogeneous way of working, pointing out that even though Jeon Somi has left the company, she can still shoot TikTok videos with TWICE. Meanwhile, Stray Kids is not allowed to have similar interactions with their former colleague.

The incident also made fans recall how JYP treated GOT7 unfairly in the past. One tweet that garnered thousands of likes wrote: “JYP didn’t allow Jackson to release Paint for GOT7’s album, didn’t allow BamBam to release Slow Mo for GOT7, didn’t allow BamBam to release Sunshine, made Jaebeom changed Eclipse for 15x until he got nosebleed, saying Page isn’t GOT7’s color and didn’t want it to be GOT7’s title”.

BamBam dance challenge

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