Apink members shared, “Idol Star Athletics Championships = A place for idols’ dating? If idols found their love at that place, they would definitely get married”

Apink and Mi-joo complained about the rumors of idols dating while participating in the Idol Star Athletics Championships.

Apink members, Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Kim Nam-joo, and Oh Ha-young, appeared on Mnet’s “TMI SHOW” broadcast aired on February 16th.

On the broadcast, Apink and Mi-joo revealed that girl groups were not allowed to use cell phones during their debut days. Upon hearing that, Boom asked, “How did you date?”. Apink replied, “We couldn’t and didn’t do it”. Boom continued, “You could exchange your numbers when passing each other at the back stage, right?”. Oh Ha-young jokingly said, “Are we magicians?”.


Mentioning Idol Star Athletics Championships, which is known as a sacred place for idols’ romantic relationships, Mi-joo then said, “I don’t understand at all how other idols make eye contacts at Idol Star Athletics Championships. No one has ever given me a look”. Jung Eun-ji also agreed, “You cannot make eye contact with anyone there”. 


Apink members described the scenes at the Idol Star Athletics Championships, saying, “Everyone was lying down, and our makeups were all washed away”. Jung Eun-ji said, “Everyone there looked angry. If anyone found their love sprouts there, they would definitely love each other for a hundred years”. Yoon Bo-mi responded, “They would have to get married”.


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