“Squid Game” director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s previous works added on Netflix U.S. lineup

Netflix has included director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s previous works in its lineup thanks to the success of “Squid Game”.

Netflix announced on its official Twitter on Nov 4th, “Director Hwang released several Korean movies before directing ‘Squid Game‘. You can watch three of his previous works from this moment on Netflix U.S..”. The films directed by Hwang that American Netflix viewers can watch are “Silenced”, “Miss Granny” and “The Fortress”.

Netflix K-Drama

These films dealt with completely different genres and themes, but all of them were praised for their excellent cinematic quality. Gong Yoo, who made a special appearance in “Squid Game”, played the main character Kang In-ho in “Silenced“. It is a film adaptation of the original novel based on real events. Launched in 2014, “Miss Granny” was a huge hit with copyrights sold to seven countries, including China, Japan and Vietnam.

Netflix K-Drama
Netflix K-Drama
Netflix K-Drama

Starring Lee Byung-hun, who also appeared in “Squid Game” like Gong Yoo, “The Fortress” records 47 days of King Injo’s refuge in Namhansanseong Fortress to escape the Qing Dynasty’s attack. 

Netflix posted a tweet containing the main contents along with the trailers of the three movies. Netizens showed reactions such as “Please pay more attention to the subtitles”, “‘Silenced’ was truly the best movie of my life”, “It’s amazing that these wonderful films were directed by only one person”…

Netflix K-Drama

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” is about people on the brink of collapse playing a game that risks their lives to win 45.6 billion won in prize money. It is recorded as the best hit in Netflix history.


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