Park Yoo Chun’s image was deleted from JYJ’s official SNS

The image of Park Yoo Chun, a former member of JYJ and an actor from C-JeS Entertainment, was erased from JYJ’s official SNS.

Park Yoo Chun was erased from the main photo on JYJ’s official Facebook page. Instead, photos of Kim Jae Joong and Kim Jun Su, along with the words “JAEJOONG JUNSU,” are posted on the main screen.

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Until May 16 morning, however, images of Park Yoo Chun still remain on this SNS page. As the agency received questions regarding the matter, many wonder whether it was deleted belatedly.

On the official website of C-JeS Entertainment, Park Yoo Chun’s image cannot be found as of 3:30 p.m. on May 16. However, it has been confirmed that Park Yoo Chun is still on JYJ’s official Weibo page.

Earlier, Park Yoo Chun was questioned by police for violating the law on illegal drugs. He is suspected of purchasing 1.5 grams of methamphetamine three times and injecting five times with Hwang Hana. When his drug charges broke out, Park Yoo Chun told in a press conference that he had never taken drugs, and after being questioned, he finally admitted having injected drugs seven times.


C-JeS Entertainment announced on April 24 that they would terminate their exclusive contract with Park Yoo Chun saying, “We decided to terminate the exclusive contract because the company could no longer restore trust with Park Yoo Chun. While watching the investigation, we believed in Park Yoo Chun’s claim of innocence but we got the results from the National Forensic Service that it was positive. We had waited for the result and believed in Park Yoo Chun’s statement, but now we’re in a miserable state.”.

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