Soyou shares diet tips, “I lost 8kg without doing exercises. You can still drink alcohol”

Former Sistar member Soyou talked about her tips on dieting to lose 8kg.

Soyou made a guest appearance on the July 25th broadcast of SBS’s program “Strong Heart League” and shared various stories about dieting.


Soyou, who often shares her tips on working out and dieting on Youtube, revealed that videos about working out tend to have higher views than singing videos. She said, “Sometimes, some people think I’m someone who does exercises content. When I post videos of me singing, they would comment, ‘Ah right, this noona used to be a singer’”.

Confessing that she purposely gained weight and lost weight to make content, Soyou explained, “Many people say celebrities can easily lose weight with professional management, but I wanted to prove that it’s not true. Celebrities are no different. They also work out and go on diets to lose weight”.


She continued, “When I filmed a Cola advertisement, I planned to lose weight and maintained my body weight within the 50-55kg range, and then I tried to gain weight back up to 65kg later, but even after trying for three months, I couldn’t gain weight properly”, adding, “I succeeded in increasing it to 62.4kg. But after then, I started to show signs of obesity. So, within a little over a month, I lost 8kg.”

Regarding the secret of how she lost 8kg without working out, Soyou shared, “I went to Paris earlier this year and got a leg injury”, adding “Since it was a ruptured ligament, I was not allowed to work out for a month”


She explained, “I have to release an album, but since I can’t use my legs, I can’t do any aerobic exercises. People around me told me about the Keto diet, which says when you eat a lot of fat, your brain mistakenly uses fat as fuel to burn. That’s how I almost didn’t eat any carbohydrates and sugars.”

Regarding her own diet, Soyou said she ate scrambled eggs, avocado, bacon, and Bulletproof coffee for breakfast and lunch, and had whatever she wanted as long as it wasn’t carbohydrates for dinner.


She added, “I also ate salads without corn. I could eat pork belly and intestines, but I didn’t eat cold noodles. If you try the Keto diet, you can still drink alcohol.”

Soyou admitted, “Maintaining this diet is not as easy as I thought”, but surprised everyone by revealing that she has been following this no-carb diet for six months now in order to prepare for her comeback.

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