Song Hye Kyo – Jun Ji Hyun selected as “A-list stars who cannot guarantee success in K-dramas”

Netizens compiled a list of currently airing dramas on an online community forum.

The post came to the conclusion that “Nowadays, top actors/actresses cannot guarantee success in dramas”. Based on poor viewership ratings, many famous names have appeared in this list. Accordingly, “Reflection of You” starring Go Hyun Jung topped the list with 3.6%, followed by “Inspector Koo”Lee Young Ae, “Jirisan”Jun Ji Hyun, “Now, We Are Breaking Up”Song Hye Kyo and “Melancholia”Im Soo Jung.

Many netizens expressed their agreement with this result through comments such as “Just because they are big names, that doesn’t guarantee the quality of the drama unless they can be versatile”, “I agree that these dramas are not that interesting except for Jirisan and Inspector Koo”, “At least the dramas starring Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo reached over 8%”, “Let’s lower the pay rate of these actors”…

Korean A class female stars
The viewership rating of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” was lower than expected.

Among them, Song Hye-kyo became the name that received the most attention. Returning to the screen with “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, the actress was expected to create successful films like “Descendants of the Sun” and “Autumn in My Heart”. However, the first two episodes of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” only achieved an average nationwide rating of 7.2%. This was not a bad rating, but it was low compared to the production team’s expectations.


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