Song Min Ho (Winner) joins the military as a social service worker, past confession partly reveals the reason 

Attention is directed to the reason why Song Min Ho (Winner) is enlisted as a social service worker. 

On March 2nd, YG Entertainment released a notice regarding Song Min Ho’s enlistment status, “Song Min Ho will begin his mandatory service as a social service worker beginning on March 24. To prevent any safety issues caused by crowd chaos, there will be no separate event during the artist’s enlistment.”


As a result, Song Min Ho became the third member of WINNER to join the military. However, he will not be in active duty and will serve as a social service worker. The reason remains unknown.

However, some netizens speculate that it may be due to a health reason. In particular, in his appearance on Channel A’s “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic,” Song Min Ho confessed, “In 2017, I started getting panic disorder where I couldn’t breathe and was [feeling like I am] about to die. That’s how I started going to the doctor. I was diagnosed with panic disorder and bipolar disorder. I am currently undergoing psychiatric treatment.”

oh eun young

“There was a time when I went to film ‘New Journey to the West’ and  ‘Kang’s Kitchen,’ I was having a real hard time so I would cry when we stopped filming when no one was watching and then go back to filming again. When the cameras stop rolling, life felt like a tragedy.” 

In addition, he also said, “It’s sometimes hard to watch TV or eat. When I heard that my friend was going to watch a movie after work while talking to them on the phone, I thought, ‘How is that possible?’”


Fans also said that Min Ho complained of the pain caused by neck disc and had to go up the stage with a neck cast during the group activities, adding more reason why Min Ho did not enlist in active duty. 

Source: wikitree

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