BABYMONSTER To Release Full Album In Second Half Of 2024+New Song In Early July

YG Entertainment executive producer Yang Hyun-suk revealed his plans for BABYMONSTER and TREASURE on May 20th.

Amid the news that BABYMONSTER will return with a full album in the second half of this year, YG Entertainment also expressed its willingness to step up the activities of its artists.

Yang Hyun-suk, YG’s executive producer, said in a video posted on YG’s official blog on May 20, “BABYMONSTER will release a full album in September or October. They will also release a new song in early July.”

Yang, who is in charge of music and other creative fields, said earlier this year that he would reinforce the number of internal producers from around 10 to 40 and 50 and push ahead with projects faster than before. He intends to accelerate the artists’ activities to meet fans’ expectations.


As a result, BABYMONSTER will present a choreography video of its debut album “Like That” this month. “Like That” was a song that pop star Charlie Puth gifted to Baby Monster himself, and was loved by fans for its different charm from the title song “Sheesh.”

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is enjoying rising popularity compared to a month ago, when it released the title song “Sheesh.” As of 6 p.m. May 20, “Sheesh” is firmly in 11th place on the music streaming platform Melon Top 100. On May 18th, the choreography video of “Sheesh” surpassed 100 million views in 43 days. The group was also evaluated as a “monster rookie who will dominate the world” by showing off its live singing skills with hand microphones on TV Asahi’s hit show “Music Station,” which was recently broadcast live.

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