5 visual members of JYP girl groups during their debut era: Suzy and Tzuyu are undeniable, NMIXX is about to break a tradition?

Looking back at the debut era of the visual members among JYP’s idol girl groups, netizens can’t stop complimenting. However, they are still sad that a tradition is about to be broken.

For more than a decade, JYP has always been the management company capable of choosing the best female visual in Kpop.  Although JYP‘s girlgroups debuted at different times, they have one special thing in common: The member holding the visual position is often “accidentally” the youngest.

However, when NMIXX debuts, this coincidence will be formally broken. Netizens, on the other hand, still admire all JYP‘s 5 visuals, particularly during their debut era.

Sohee (former Wonder Girls member) – Irony

Sohee was the first maknae of Wonder Girls before JYP added Hyelim to the group.  Debuting at the age of 15, the female idol quickly captivated the audience thanks to her unique and pure visual. 

She is the one who started JYP‘s maknae – visual tradition.  Before Suzy and Tzuyu became the most sought-after maknaes of Kpop, Sohee was the first maknae to make the Korean public “crazy” because of her beauty.

Suzy (former member of MissA) – Bad Girl Good Girl 

In the early days of her debut.  When she debuted in the music industry at the age of 16, Suzy immediately created a “craze” and it didn’t take long for her to become more famous than other MissA members.

Netizens have always believed that Suzy‘s popularity reached the pinnacle right from the very beginning of her debut thanks to her outstanding visual that is still considered a legend to this day.

Tzuyu (TWICE) – Like OOH-AHH

If Sohee started the trend of maknae, Suzy inherited it perfectly, then Tzuyu is the one who contributed to making this tradition become the number one “identification” for JYP girl groups.

No one can forget Tzuyu‘s attractive visual during TWICE‘s debut days with Like OOH-AHH.  Although TWICE took more than half a year to become the top girl group in Kpop, the maknae has always been in the top 3 visual of her prime from the very first day.

Yuna (ITZY) – Dalla Dalla

JYP might not be a good agency in the eye of many netizens, but in terms of selecting the visual members, JYP is an expert. Having thought that Suzy and Tzuyu were enough proofs, but after Yuna debuted as the youngest member and the visual of ITZY, netizens are shocked once again by JYP’s skill of picking the visual members for its idol groups.

3 years after ITZY’s debut but Yuna’s red hair during “Dalla Dalla” era is still one of the most legendary. Despite her young age of 16, Yuna has already reached an impressive height, perfect body proportion as well as sharp, actor-like features. Yuna has perfectly inherited JYP’s maknae tradition.

Sullyoon (NMIXX) – AD MARE

3 year after ITZY’s debut, a new generation of JYP’s female idols is coming up. The agency promotes NMIXX as a girl group with 7 visuals, 7 vocalists and 7 dancers – an all-rounder group of K-Pop.It’s still too soon to talk about the girls’ talent, but their visual is definitely 10 out of 10.

Especially, the member in charge of visual of NMIXX, Sullyoon, is receiving tons of attention after her teaser image for the single debut “AD MARE” was released. Netizens love her beauty, but there’s one thing missing, which is that Sullyoon is not the youngest member.

JYP’s tradition of putting the youngest members into the visual position seems to have ended here. However, netizens still support Sullyoon, because it’s hard to deny JYP’s ability in picking the visual member for its girl groups.

Below are comments from netizens:

  • JYP does have the best visuals among girl groups.
  • Among the 3 youngest generations, Tzuyu has the sharpest features while Yuna is bright and cheery and Sullyoon has that pure and innocent vibe.
  • Suzy and Tzuyu are the best visuals to me, just one look and I will never forget about them. Sohee is also attractive. Yuna is not my style. Sullyoon is pretty, but there’s nothing worth remembering on her face.
  • Suzy is the prettiest one here, who can surpass her? A beautiful woman with an impressive career.
  • Suzy is the most popular while Tzuyu is the prettiest.
  • Sullyoon is pretty but I don’t see the JYP vibe from her.
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