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Kara’s Heo Young-ji shows her sympathy to a couple on “Change Days”, “It must have been hard for you to date while doing idol activities”

Heo Young-ji is seen giving advice to couples who are on the brink of breaking up on Kakao TV’s “Change Days”.

In Kakao TV’s original program “Change Days Season 2” (directed by Lee Jae-seok), which is scheduled to be released on July 14th, Heo Young-ji will express her deep sympathy for the love concerns of couples who are former idols. 

The refreshing program for couples “Change Days 2” carries out the new concept of a dating reality program where couples, who have different ages, jobs, and dating periods but are all on the brink of breaking up, go on a trip together and find their true happiness.

Heo Young Ji

Conflicts due to differences in personality and taste, differences between love styles and expressions of affection, and hyperrealistic love stories with concerns about dating or marriage shown in the program are receiving explosive responses from the viewers. Not only Korean viewers but global audiences from overseas countries, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, are also so mesmerized by the charm of K-love entertainment programs through “Change Days 2” that it even ranked in the TOP 10 on Netflix’s popular show chart.

In the episode to be released on July 14th, Lee Jung-hoon and Choi Hee-hyun, who are in their 5th year of dating, are expected to draw keen attention by sharing their frustration about the realistic dating barrier, which is the military enlistment. While Choi Hee-hyun is considering getting married, Lee Jung-hoon, who enlisted in the military later than friends of his age due to his idol activities, is worrying about whether they will be able to share the same future together.

The two, who confessed their true feelings, recall the past when Lee Jung-hoon’s idol activities prevented them from having an ordinary relationship like others and shed tears. 

In particular, idol senior Heo Young-ji shows her sympathy for the couple’s situation. She expresses her regret by pointing out that Lee Jung-hoon must have worked so hard to pursue his dream as an idol for more than 5 years when the two were in their 20s and met each other, but his performance might not have been as good as expected. She comforts them with her warm sympathy, saying “I understand your situation right away. You must have suffered economic and psychological concerns.”

Heo Young Ji

While Heo Young-ji and other MCs sigh over the military enlistment issue, Code Kunst, who has been giving advice with facts about love, also attracts attention by offering a different opinion this time. Since military enlistment is a barrier that cannot be removed, he gives advice that would help the couple in making serious decisions for the future, saying “Why don’t you give each other some time? Like ‘I need to take care of what I want to achieve so that I can have a better relationship with you over time’”.

Other cast members on the program also share various opinions and advice with Lee Jung-hoon and Choi Hee-hyun. Men and women, who have different perspectives and views on relationships, respond, “If you were my friend, I would tell you not to wait for him during his military service”, “I think the military enlistment problem is quite serious”, etc.

The viewers are getting more curious about what kind of resolution Lee Jung-hoon and Choi Hee-hyun will make over the realistic issue of military enlistment in the 27th episode of “Change Days”, which will be unveiled at 1 p.m on July 14th. 

“Change Days 2” is released every Thursday at 7 p.m on Kakao TV.

Source: Daum

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