Song Joong-ki smiles brightly as he is touched by a special gift

Song Joong-ki’s recent status has been reported.

On July 1st, Song Joong-ki’s agency HiSTORY D&C posted on their Instagram account “#SongJoong-ki #YangKyung-won #ImCheol-soo Vincenzo is love.”

Song Joong-ki

They continued, “Three actors who felt touched by your love full of sincerity. You must have been waiting for them to get together and take this picture. To everyone who loves ‘Vincenzo’, thank you so much”.


The photo in the post drew attention as it shows actors Yang Kyung-won, Lim Cheol-soo and Song Joong-ki holding the gifts sent by fans of tvN’s drama “Vincenzo”.


Meanwhile, “Vincenzo” tells the story of Italian mafia lawyer Vincenzo, who returns to Korea because of the betrayal of his organization, wiping out the villains using the way of a villain.

Song Joong Ki

Source: nate

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